How Chiropractic Adjustment Complements Massage Therapy

Chiropractic care and therapeutic massage therapy represent a perfect pair for optimizing your health. Together they can bring a wide range of benefits including pain relief, improved mobility and rejuvenation to your mind and body. The key to maximizing the benefits of this dynamic duo is effective communication between practitioners and consistency with your treatment plan.

Massage focuses on soft tissues like muscles and tendons. Chiropractic adjustments involve manipulation of the joints, bones and spine to help align the body for proper structural function. This can help with pain and tension caused by a variety of conditions such as poor posture, chronic pain syndromes and sports injuries.

When a muscle is tight, it shortens and constricts blood vessels, reducing circulation in the area. This decrease in circulation leads to a cycle of pain-spasm-pain that can be difficult to break. Massage helps relax the muscles, increase blood flow and relieves the pressure on nerves that can cause pain.

Tight muscles also can restrict the movement of spinal vertebrae causing misalignment. This can also contribute to poor posture and a variety of discomforts. Spinal manipulation and massage therapy help reposition the vertebrae to normal, relieving the pain associated with misalignment.

Both massage and chiropractic are non-invasive, drug-free methods of treating discomfort. More hospitals and insurance companies are recognizing the effectiveness of these holistic treatments and are encouraging patients to include massage therapy in their treatment plan.

Having both a chiropractor and massage therapist working towards the same goal provides the best results for most people. This is because chiropractic treats the hard tissues such as bones and joints while massage addresses the soft tissues of muscles and tendons.

When combining chiropractic adjustment with massage, the patient experiences more complete relief of their symptoms than would be possible by receiving just one service. This is because the massage therapy relaxes the muscles and tendons before the chiropractic adjustment can work its magic. This preparation also allows the patient to better receive their adjustment and prevents them from experiencing a flare-up of pain afterwards.

In addition, the techniques used in massage therapy stimulate the lymphatic system and can move toxins out of the body more effectively than simply by flushing the wastes through the urine. This enhances the immune response, helping you fight off infections and speed up healing.

Massage and chiropractic are natural, safe and highly effective when used in conjunction. This powerful combination can transform your life and improve your overall quality of life. When you have a chiropractic and massage practitioner that you trust, regular sessions can provide cumulative effects over time. Choose the best Atlanta chiropractor who are licensed, experienced and have a good reputation.

In order to get the most benefit from this dynamic duo, be sure to talk with your practitioners about when it is best to have your massage before or after your chiropractic adjustment. They will be able to assess your unique situation and determine the best course of action for you. Be sure to stay hydrated after both therapies as this will help to support the release of toxins and speed up recovery.

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